My journey

About Me

Being the Ultimate Head Nurse, my dream is that all of us will feed off of each other to relieve ourselves of the symptoms of Major Depression. The Ultimate Head Nurse is a title given to me by a writing group that I attended.  I am not a registered medical nurse.

My name is Angela Knox, I am the youngest of 11 children, and graduated from Fulton High school in Atlanta in Georgia. I attended Clark College where I was a music major, who worked at a hot dog stand at the airport, and drove a motor cycle. The first quarter of my freshman year, I was a dean’s list student. On March 21, 1973 the second quarter of my first year, I totaled my Toyota Corolla, was left semi-comatose for about 6 weeks, and paralyzed on my left side.

After rehabilitation I attended and graduated from the University of Georgia in Speech Pathology and Audiology on August 19.1978. I was medically diagnosed with Major Depression in 1998 while working as a tax collector. Because of depression I have had to quit my profession, seek medical intervention and learn to live with several disabilities. I have impaired comprehension and mental retention.

I still find it difficult to maintain effective and positive communications in healthy relationships. Because of the symptoms of depression I was hospitalized the first time for 3 months with about a year of outpatient visits. The 2nd time I stayed in 24 hour care hospital for about 10 days. I work to re-mediate some of my depressive symptoms. I go through hell and come back but I keep my composure. I am still fixing myself with homeopathic and traditional medical methods.

But after about 20 years I accept my condition. I waited too long to address the symptoms homeopathically, so I will always have to use traditional medications and go through periods of major depression. Throughout these 20 years I have developed a program called “The living B.R.E.A.D.” to help me live gracefully with the depression. It will also help to avoid and relieve you from experiencing the symptoms of depression. I feel that I got the “short end of the stick.” Please don’t spend your life like I have. Do not wait to address these symptoms with “The Living B.R.E.A.D.”

The acronym B.R.E.A.D. means Balance, Relaxation, Exercise, Accountability, and Diet.  I will discuss each individually but first we need to discuss and understand depression.  Do you suffer from depression?  What is depression?  Do you have a medical diagnosis of depression that needs psychiatric intervention?